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My July has been exceptionally productive. Just this morning I submitted a proposal for a Bay Area public works project and have a one other to finish by the mid-August deadline. Open Studios is right around the corner so I went to the frame store yesterday and bought some small basic black frames. Organizing inventory has really helped me determine which works on paper are ready for framing. The smaller pieces I have decided to frame myself that is if the test piece looks professional.

Tomorrow, I will be living painting at an event in Oakland. My good friend and artist Michael Azgour and I were talking last weekend and discussing composition ideas for this event. It felt great to talk shop sort of speak and bounce some ideas around. After careful consideration I have decided to paint a figure on a 40”x30” canvas. Originally, I planned on painting on a much larger surface. However, I have a plan on how I want the painting to evolve over the evening and this size makes that possible. A video clip of this event will be posted to this blog eventually.

My agenda for August is as follows: Organize studio, purchase shelving unit, finish the 5 pieces that are more than 90% complete, and have another figurative photo shoot with my fabulous friends who have agreed to model for me.

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Contemporary Geometric Abstract Artist Shilo Ratner, strives to create paintings that evoke an acute awareness and centered meditative state towards our daily surroundings using a tight geometric abstract visual language.

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