Art Journal

I have had so much happen in the last 10 days. The weather in the Bay has been amazingly perfect. Yes, there have been some drizzly mornings but there have been some absolutely gorgeous days as well. My classes are on a three-week break and so I have decided to enjoy the weather by sketching and getting outside. A personal goal of mine is to have some solid compositional sketches for my larger works and 8″x10″ paintings by July.


This  painting is called “The Family”. Loved the concept of placing a group of birds together and making a larger painting of it after it is complete. In my excitement of wanting to push this painting along before it was ready I realized that a lot of the color combinations really blended and the painting became flat. However, I am not one to give on a painting  when I have a definite vision. I am now reworking the color and breaking up the space with linear lines.

Read this quote this past weekend that really called to me. “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard. My work is a piece of me be being created on a daily basis.