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There have been times were finding inspiration was a challenge but I am starting to really understand what it means to just be in the moment. I am so grateful to have a constant flow of creativity.

The past two weeks have been great.  At the beginning of last week I dropped paintings off at Eos for the show that is taking place for the entire month of July.  Then I was off to the east-coast for a family visit. Time really flew while I was there but I was able to accomplish so much art wise.  This image is a collective group of drawings I did of Canadian Geese. DrawingsThe idea to work on a  series of just one bird species has been in my sketch book for at least a year. It wasn’t until  this collective group of drawings I  decided it’s time to just go for it. Obviously, I will continue with my smaller birds and finish the 4″x6″ small works I have been working on. I am giving myself a personal deadline to have 15-20 geese paintings completed by November. I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of all nighters in my future.:)

Published by Shilo Ratner

Contemporary Geometric Abstract Artist Shilo Ratner, strives to create paintings that evoke an acute awareness and centered meditative state towards our daily surroundings using a tight geometric abstract visual language.

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