Art Journal

This week I have been preparing for my class that starts today. I really do love teaching. It is so rewarding for me to see my students work evolve. I’ve also been making some headway with my paintings and redesigning my website. I hope to have my website redesigned by the end of September. 

So, last week I posted some line drawings I did of Canadian Geese. This week I did about 10 color study water color paintings from those line drawings.  I really wanted to get sense of the color palette I will using for each painting. Although, there will be some compositional adjustments as well as color adjustments these color studies really give a sence of what this series is all about.

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This slide show is of my finished 4″x6″ small work as well as some of the above referenced color studies.  This is the first time I have painted on canvas so small. It was such a personal challenge for me to translate my painting style to this size.  I think by Saturday I will finish the rest of them which were even smaller about (4)- 4″x5″ paintings. I feel really satisfied with the end result!