Art Journal – May 2016

What an amazing few weeks I have had. The 10th Annual: Contemporary Women 2016 Exhibition is about to wrap up. The 4ft x 8 ft painting I am working on is slowly getting closer to completion. My thoughts and ideas book also known as my sketchbook is being filled with compositions that push my boundaries as an artist. However, the most profound experience of the last few weeks was the birth of my daughter. There was some fear that I would lose myself as a person as well as my motivation as an artist with the birth of my second child but in fact it has been quite the opposite experience. I feel even more creatively inspired and it is as though I am having a reawakening. I am curious to see how this all translates over the coming months in my studio.

Published by Shilo Ratner

Contemporary Geometric Abstract Artist Shilo Ratner, strives to create paintings that evoke an acute awareness and centered meditative state towards our daily surroundings using a tight geometric abstract visual language.

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