Artist Journal

Every week I feel like I am talking about a different painting. I tend to write about whatever I was working on that day. Well to my defence I work on about 20 paintings at once.    

This week has been extremely productive. Currently, I am working on about 5  large paintings 48″x60″. I am hoping to have three of them finished by the end of next week. Usually if I give myself a personal deadline I tend to be more focused.  The attached image is  the painting I feel will be completed first. I took the photograph with my phone as I was running out the door so the quality isn’t the best. 

What I need to do to bring this work to completion is to rework the background and to freshen up some of the brush strokes.  I am getting really excited to see this one framed and on the wall.:)  

48"x60" painting
In Progress