The Figure: A Bay Area Legacy; Exhibition Dates: March 6 – April 27

Looking forward to this exhibition next month!

My work will be on display at Gary Francis Gallery from March 6 – April 27

The following exhibition information and write up is courtesy of the Gary Francis Fine Art Gallery.

The Figure: A Bay Area Legacy
Opening Night: 6-9p, Friday, March 14
Exhibition Dates: March 6 – April 27

The subject of the human figure in art has remained a constant theme for artists and art lovers across time and cultures. The beauty of the human form – in its strength as well as frailty, its sensuality as well as ordinary – is undeniably engaging. Artists are driven by their personal quest to represent the figure in a new and ambitious manner, to fulfill the desire of allowing the human figure to be redefined in each generation. Many artists consider the human form to be the most important, and the most challenging, study there is.

The Bay Area Figurative style is an art movement which spanned two decades during the 1950s and ‘60s made up of a group of artists in the San Francisco Bay Area. David Park is credited with starting the movement evolving from Abstract Expressionism. He painted a new and recognizable image with the vigor and spontaneity of an abstract painting. Park’s novel approach sparked a dynamic dialogue between abstraction and representation which continues today. The Bay Area Figurative style has become one of the most important and well-known art movements, not only in the Bay Area, but in art across the world. Art enthusiasts and collectors flock to view exhibits and purchase works by the Bay Area Figurative artists, such as Park, Richard Diebenkorn, Elmer Bischoff, Theophilus Brown, Paul Wonner, James Weeks, Bruce McGaw, Joan Brown, Nathan Oliveira and Manuel Neri.

The Figure: A Bay Area Legacy at Gary Francis Fine Art is an exhibition that demonstrates our enduring interest in the human figure and the impact of the engaging and flexible Bay Area Figurative style on successive generations of artists.

Exhibiting Artists
Kanna Aoki
Claudia Bicen
Olivia Chen
Gary Comoglio
Natasha Dikareva
Nathaniel Evans
Jane Fisher
Kim Frohsin
Chris Kanyusik
Diego Marcial Rios
Erica Norelius
Shilo Ratner
Fernando Reyes
Brandon Smith
Sandy Walker
Nina Katz

“Diaspora”, New Century Artist Gallery: Chelsea, NYC

New Century Gallery, Chelsea, NYCArtist Reception, Saturday, 16 February 2013, 6-8 pm.
New Century Gallery, Chelsea, NYC
Artist Reception, Saturday, Feb.16,2013, 6-8 pm.

Exhibition Annoucement: Diaspora

The year is off to a great start. I’m shipping artwork off this week to the New Century Gallery in Chelsea for a show on Diaspora.

“Diaspora” Juror: Laura Kruger, Curator at Hebrew Union College Museum

New Century Artist Gallery
Chelsea, New York
530 W 25th St # 406  New York, NY 10001

Show Dates: February 5 to 16, 2013
Reception:  Saturday, February 16 from 6 to 8


I am excited yet nervous about getting all the funding I need for my kickstarter project: Diaspora The Journey of Self. I have seven days left to raise funds for this project. I am about half way there and I am just keeping my fingers crossed that it will get funded. This week I am prepping to send work off to a show in Chelsea, NYC and cleaning up my storage area to prepare for this project.

I’m also getting close to finishing some figurative works. I will post in-progress images next week.