This painting was recently finished titled “Elevate”. When I paint I often don’t think about the orientation of the painting until there is a conclusion. There are times when I change the way I want them to be shown several times before an exhibition. “Elevate” is one of those paintings.

Which orientation do you like best?

Elevate 20” x 20”, Acrylic on Canvas, Email shiloratner@gmail.com for details

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Nature is Calling, 30″ x 30″, Painting

Nature is Calling, 30″ x 30″, Painting

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. -John Muir

I have a deep appreciation and connection to nature. Daily, I step outside of my studio to listen to the sounds the trees make and the songs the birds sing. This is one of many conscious choices I make to stay grounded and in the present moment. This piece titled “Nature is Calling” is 30″ x 30″, Acrylic Paint on Canvas. Email for details shiloratner@gmail.com

Heading Home, 36″ x 36″ Painting

Heading Home, 36″ x  36″  Painting

I’m constantly in a state of experimentation that feels exciting yet vulnerable at times. With this painting “Heading Home”, I played around with the perspective to create more depth. Loving the end result.

Artist Shilo Ratner_Heading Home_36 x 36in
Artist Shilo Ratner_Heading Home_36 x 36in

Bendheim Gallery

I love this event in Greenwich. It’s one of the largest and most exciting festivals ever organized in Fairfield County, the opening is set for Thursday, May 6, from 5:30 – 8pm. The evening launches a truly spectacular show. Entertaining musicians and street performers fill the street. All the art on display is for sale. A complete Map/Guide is available at participating stores and at the Greenwich Arts Council office at 299 Greenwich Avenue. I do have a piece at the Bendheim Gallery titled Desert Rising, 20 x 20″, Acrylic on Canvas (Shown Below). If you are in town it’s such a fun event and the weather is fabulous this time of year!

Additionally, I will be exhibiting artworks at the Tailored Home on 2 Greenwich Ave, Greenwich, CT. I’ll post more about that in the coming weeks.

Desert Rising, 20 x 20in, Acrylic on Canvas

Beautiful Day

Jumped out of my comfort zone with this vibrant color combination. My intention with this piece was to paint something that lifted my spirit every day in my studio. I hope the joy I felt creating this translates to the view and someday to a forever home. Enjoy each and every day my friend!

Beautiful Day, 60 x 48 inches, Acrylic Paint on Canvas

“Riches, prestige, everything can be lost. But the happiness in your heart can only be dimmed; it will always be there as long as you live, to make you happy again. Whenever you’re feeling lonely or sad, try going to the loft on a beautiful day and looking outside. Not at the houses and the rooftops, but at the sky. As long as you can look fearlessly at the sky, you’ll know that your pure within and will find happiness once more.” -Anne Frank

Painting Titled: “Beautiful Day”, 60” x 48”, DM for details