✨ Connecting your Creativity✨

We can get hung up on a comment we received, a piece of information that’s been shared, a thought from the past, a worry about the future, … We’re hung up on the proper colors of paint, the proper size of a canvas, the proper lighting in the studio, …

Sometimes our inner critic’s roaring jabs are impossible to muffle and what follows is a crushing feeling of not being present, for allowing ourselves to be distracted. For not tuning into the present moment and connecting to your creativity on a much deeper level.

You have to let go of your fears, worries, and anxieties because they stand in the way of your creative flow. They prevent you from listening to your intuition and connecting with your inner wisdom. There is no powerful time than the present. Learn to be mindful of your sensations just as much as you are conscious of your thoughts.

Intuitive Painting, first class starts Friday 7/10

Teaching my favorite class “Intuitive Painting” for the next four Fridays over zoom. It’s definitely a great way to embrace your creative essence. Description: During these uncertain times, it is important to embrace creating from the heart. This all-level intuitive painting class explores using your own unique creative process in developing art. Learn to playContinue reading “Intuitive Painting, first class starts Friday 7/10”

The Shape of Things

“I try to bring beauty into the world,” she says. “[I’m] not saying that I’m not aware of everything that’s happening, but I’m trying to put something out there that doesn’t have that angst, so I when I’m creating the work, I want to create these calm visions, kind of this optimistic view of the world I see in the chaotic times we’re living in.”