Imagine, 20 x 20", Acrylic on Canvas
Imagine, 20 x 20in, Acrylic




Dab Art is pleased to present EGGIWEGS at H Gallery in Midtown Ventura. Aberrantly titled as an homage to the protagonist in the iconic film Clockwork Orange; EGGIWEGS is an international exhibition featuring 21 contemporary artists from around the U.S., Canada and South Korea. This vivid and striking exhibit is primarily composed of abstract works with an emphasis on color fields.

Stylistically, there was a break in the late 1950’s from post war Abstract Expressionism. Artists were experimenting with large fields of flat solid colors across the canvas. By creating a flat picture plane with a dense spread, these pioneers painted works free of objective context, favoring concept over technique.

One of these pioneers, Jules Olitski (1922-07) famously rejected any gestural brushwork, preferring to use an industrial spray-gun to apply paint to his canvases. Interested only in conveying the power of pure color, Olitski abandoned formal narratives with the goal of producing work devoid of all emotional and spiritual elements. While the original idea may have been to eliminate an obvious subject matter, the works of Mark Rothko (1903-70) in contrast, were highly representational of his personal life. His gargantuan abstracts were an eerie evolution of color, moving from brilliant, bright hues during early success, into a drastically dark palette leading up to his suicide.

The artists remembered for their color field abstracts attempted to severe an emotional connection to their work, fortuitously starting a entirely new genre of art. Similar to the artists of the late 1950’s, EGGIWEGS examines the psychological use color by manifesting the principles or attributes of the original movement in an exhibition of 40 impressive and undeniably immersive works. Artworks available on Artsy.

Ricardo Beron
Glenn Carter
Glen Moriwaki
Mark Bennion
Tracy Childs
Tom Bolles
Karen Anable-Nichols
Shilo Ratner
Sacha 9
Sung Eun Park
Ethan Snow

Carl Shubs
Denby Dale
Reina Castellanos
Elizabeth Anne Paquette
Young-Jin Han
Jessamyn Box
Greg Martin
Terri Lloyd
Blandine Saint-Oyant
Lisa Ross


Text provide by Dab Art.

Las Laguna Gallery in Laguna Beach_Reception 9/7 @ 6pm

Las Laguna Gallery in Laguna Beach is pleased to announce out next show titled small works – BIG TALENT.

Please join us for Art, Wine & Fun.

This show features over 160 works of art from across the nation.
The Opening Reception is this Saturday night from 6pm-10pm

815 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, CA –
The gallery is located between the Sawdust Festival and the Art-A-Fair.

Las Laguna Gallery in Laguna Beach_small-works---BIG-TALENT-postcard
Las Laguna Gallery in Laguna Beach

Women’s Rights: An Artist’s Perspective

I just received wonderful news. One of my artworks was chosen for the Online Exhibition for a show called Women’s Rights: An Artist’s Perspective.
The exhibition is sponsored by  in support of Women’s Rights and the passage of the ERA. A link to the exhibition will be posted as soon as it goes live.


Karen Teegarden, CEO/President, Renee Davis, Vice-Chair Board of Directors for, Patricia M. Gil, Ex VP Operations of  and Karen Gutfreund, Curator, VP and National Exhibitions Director WCA