Studio Update

shilo ratner open studio snap shot
shilo ratner open studio snap shot

My open studios went extremely well this year. 20% of my art sales from this weekend were donated to the Huntington’s Society of America HDSA.

I did purchase a piece of my own from artist Hallie Strock this weekend to add to my collection and I look forward to heading out to Hunters Point this coming weekend to possibly add another piece to my collection.

In the Studio: I received a lot of wonderful feedback this weekend and feel extremely motivated to finish some of my oil paintings on panel. My deadline to finish 8-10 of the small paintings on panel is early January.  I am also in the process of working on much larger works on canvas with a target date of January – mid February. Then I will be on my regular schedule of finishing about 2-3new works a month. This relaxed schedule is what I foresee now but knowing the nature of this business, I will probably be finishing all of this work ahead of schedule.

My Monday painting class is tonight and I am so grateful to have such motivated students. I have to admit I am a little tired from such a fun weekend but their excitement for art and their creative energy will definitely help keep me upbeat. Tonight’s class exercise is abstracting a still life. This is such a fun exercise and I have a feeling there will be some really great studies created tonight.

Artist Journal

My open studio at Fort Mason is in less than a week. I’ve been organizing, framing, doing inventory and trying to write a coherent artist statement.  It seems the more items I check off my to do list the more items appear. Instead of getting overwhelmed I am painting and working on some color studies for my larger works.

I am feeling this amazing sense of contentment with my work.

Attached are some figurative works on paper that are in progress.

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Art Journal

The last few weeks have been really interesting for both my art as well as myself. I have been getting a lot of work done with both my paintings as well as my writing. It  feels great. My newly designed website is going live in a few weeks but while working on it I realized I have been so absent-minded in actually updating my current one so it looks like I am going to be spending some time with my old flash files this week.  All though I have lots of completed works I think I might wait a week so I can posted a nice slide show with several of the works on paper for the “The Creative Power of the Human Psych Show at my Fort Mason Open Studio.

Art Journal

There have been times were finding inspiration was a challenge but I am starting to really understand what it means to just be in the moment. I am so grateful to have a constant flow of creativity.

The past two weeks have been great.  At the beginning of last week I dropped paintings off at Eos for the show that is taking place for the entire month of July.  Then I was off to the east-coast for a family visit. Time really flew while I was there but I was able to accomplish so much art wise.  This image is a collective group of drawings I did of Canadian Geese. DrawingsThe idea to work on a  series of just one bird species has been in my sketch book for at least a year. It wasn’t until  this collective group of drawings I  decided it’s time to just go for it. Obviously, I will continue with my smaller birds and finish the 4″x6″ small works I have been working on. I am giving myself a personal deadline to have 15-20 geese paintings completed by November. I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of all nighters in my future.:)