In the Studio

I have no travel plans for the upcoming holidays so I am going to try and use my time in the studio wisely.  My canvas pliers just snapped so my online supply order just grew a little longer. Oh well, I guess the 48”x60” canvas will have to wait a little bit longer to get stretched. This just means I will draw out a few more compositions and possibly start all six at once since I will be a bit behind schedule.

Next week I am going to submit some work to the ARC gallery for the “The Guerrilla Show”. The opening reception is Thursday, December 8th, 6pm- 9pm. Who knows I might end up going home with a new work of art to add to my growing collection of pieces from Bay Area Artists.

Since November, I’ve been working on oil paintings on panel as well as some additional works on paper. These in-progress images are some of the paintings I have been working on. All images are now at the point where I will continue to build the layers by breaking up the form.

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