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What an amazing week so far! I have started getting some headway with the works on paper I am working on. As far as some of the other paintings I have blogged about they are all continuing to progress quite nicely.  I am not sure if “Two Birds on a Wire” is going in the right direction. I am thinking of just scratching that composition all together. I have been down this road before and I know not to do anything to rash. So I am going to just leave it on the wall to dry till I make up my mind on what to do about it.  My next posting will be those works on paper I mentioned.

Two Birds on Wire in Progress
Two Birds on Wire in Progress

Published by Shilo Ratner

Contemporary Geometric Abstract Artist Shilo Ratner, strives to create paintings that evoke an acute awareness and centered meditative state towards our daily surroundings using a tight geometric abstract visual language.

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