My Art Journal

Two Pigeons and Bird on Wire InprogressWhat a great week! My work is starting to get into a nice groove. The weather in SF has been sunny and warm! This means my paintings are starting to dry a little faster than they were during the winter. The paintings I posted last week “Birds on a wire” and “Two Pigeons” are still in progress and most of my attention this week went to other works in my studio. I just need to continue the layers.

“Sand Piper in Water” is close to completion. I think I need another week to really look at this artwork and decide if it’s done. I probably will add a small linear element to the background. Not sure but that is a possibility.Sand Piper in Water

 “Bird Eating Shell” is in progress. I might need to simplify the bird a little more and make something of interest like a color strip at the top of the panel.

Bird Eating Shell

Let me know your thoughts and I will repost next week with another update on these paintings.

Thanks for reading!

* Please note that the titles to these works in progress usually change when the paintings is 100% complete.