Santuario Dom Bosco: Brasília, Brazil

I have had the most incredible summer of travel including a recent trip to Brazil. Although, I was only able to see a tiny portion of this country I found the people to be so hospitable and understanding to my poor attempt at Portugese. Although, there were some language barriers I found towards the end of the trip an ease in communicating that I didn’t have at the beginning. These images are of a the church Santuario Dom Bosco in Brasília, Brazil.

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The colors were absolutely breadth taking and it inspired me to want to explore the color blue (tints, hues etc.) in my art work. I brought the work in progress”blissful” on my travels and noticed that while painting, the visit to this church influenced me enough subconsciously that I started adding more blue into the composition. I’ll post that image next week.

Well, I’ve been back in the Bay Area for about a week now and I’m ready to start focusing in the studio. Next week my intention is to continue working on the figurative works I started earlier in the summer.