Upcoming Classes & Workshops

Private Instruction: Ongoing Enrollment: Email shiloratner@gmail.com to schedule online zoom painting sessions. (weekly/ biweekly)

Butterflies, 40 x 40 inches, Acrylic Paint on Canvas

CLASS: Intuitive Painting |Online Day | open to all levels

Date: TBD


Description: Embrace creating from the heart. This all-level intuitive painting class explores using your own unique creative process in developing art. Learn to play and embrace paint from a place of no judgment. Students will be introduced to classroom exercises, guided meditation, poetry, and music. No prior painting experience necessary. Please note: No class 4/16

Artist Shilo Ratner_Temple of the Moon
“Temple of the Moon”.

Workshop: Abstracting The Landscape-Beyond The Visible| Online Workshop | open to all levels

Date: TBD


Description: Using the landscape as inspiration students will develop and paint their own abstracted landscape. This workshop focuses on simplifying forms and value studies to develop a finished landscape. Subjects explored are color, value, brush techniques, layering, as well as composition. This workshop will be filled with demonstrations and discussions in a fun and relaxed setting.

“Beachside”, 36″ x 36″, Oil on Canvas

Workshop: Abstracting The Figure Workshop Workshop | open to all levels

Date: TBD


Description: This workshop examines the figure and how to paint it in the abstract. Some understanding of anatomy may be helpful but is not a requirement. Proportions and measuring will be demonstrated as a reference for students to develop their own interpretations of abstracting the figure on canvas.