Collecting Original Artwork

Collecting Original  Artwork

Pockets Filled with Hope and Bay_Gallery View

I’m constantly updating my website and the artwork that I have available for collection. However, what is constantly updated almost on a daily basis is my Instagram @shiloratner. It’s fun to share in-progress paintings and thoughts on artworks on that platform. However, there are quite a few places to collect original artwork.

Hypnotic Awakening

Hypnotic Awakening

This painting has been hanging out in the corner of my studio waiting for me to turn my attention back to it. After a day away from the studio I could really look at this piece with a fresh perspective and I just knew this week I was going to finish it. For this painting, I played with depth in the layering and with the overall energy in the linework. “Hypnotic Awakening”, 48” x 60”, Acrylic paint on canvas.

“Hypnotic Awakening”, 48” x 60”, Acrylic paint on canvas

Temple of the Moon, 20″ x 20″, Acrylic Paint on Canvas

Temple of the Moon, 20″ x 20″, Acrylic Paint on Canvas

This geometric abstract painting is one that was inspired by my self-study of the Aztec culture. There is an interesting creation story about the Sun and the Moon which spurred the development of this painting. I find learning about other cultures helps broaden your perspective on the world.

Artist Shilo Ratner_Temple of the Moon
This painting was inspired by the Aztec culture.

Shop: Temple of the Moon, 20″ x 20″, Acrylic on Canvas

Wow, it’s 2021!

Last year had a mix of wow moments and some very sad moments. 2020, was a year like no other. With a year like no other, I have strengthened my gratitude practice and learned to take a bit more care of myself.

I feel hopeful about the future even in the midst of all this chaos. I’m looking at this new year as a new beginning. We may not be able to turn back but we can turn towards something new. Happy New Year my friends 🌈.

May 2021 be filled with happiness, endless creativity, and abundance. ☮️

Pockets Filled With Hope

I dreamt about this painting for weeks. I almost felt haunted by it when I wasn’t in the studio. I am absolutely thrilled on how this painting “Pockets Filled with Hope” turned out.

Pockets Filled with Hope 5′ x 10′, Acrylic Paint on Canvas