New Painting Moonlight Mountain

⛰ Moonlight Mountain ⛰

As creative beings, the magic of our creativity is only as fluid and uninhibited as we are.

I’ve learned to trust my instinct, and allow my creativity to come through in what ever form it wants. Some of my work is more abstract and other work is more recognizable. I don’t question it but just flow with it.

Moonlight Mountain, 20” W x 40” H, acrylic on canvas, diptych, SOLD

If you are interested in other compositions similar to this Email for details

New Representation with the Jen Tough Gallery

Artist Shilo Ratner_Pockets Filled With Hope Gallery View
Pockets Filled with Hope available exclusively at Jen Tough Gallery

I’m thrilled to announce my newest representation with the Jenn Tough Gallery . Jen Tough Gallery was formed in the Bay Area early 2017 and is currently based in Santa Fe, NM. We’re known for thinking outside of the box with our San Francisco popups, art fair collectives and producing an all-female art fair called The Ladies Room.

Client Project

Ever wonder what 60 hours of work looks like in 10 seconds? It looks like this!

Well, I’m thrilled with how this commission came out for “Charter Communications”. The painting is titled “Long Island Sound”, 60″ x60″, Acrylic on Canvas. Thank you Indiewalls for introducing my work to this client.

✨ Connecting your Creativity✨

Graffiti Inspiration

Being present in the moment is perhaps one of the biggest challenges of modern-day society. We have grown to value overanalyzing the past and anticipating the future, so much so that we’re unable to take a moment, stop what we’re doing, and simply breathe.

Often when we are working on art, in the process of creation, we’re doing what we love most, yet we can get stuck inside our heads, unable to think beyond the looming commitments, tasks, and life responsibilities.

We can get hung up on a comment we received, a piece of information that’s been shared, a thought from the past, a worry about the future, … We’re hung up on the proper colors of paint, the proper size of a canvas, the proper lighting in the studio, …

Sometimes our inner critic’s roaring jabs are impossible to muffle and what follows is a crushing feeling of not being present, for allowing ourselves to be distracted. For not tuning into the present moment and connecting to your creativity on a much deeper level.

You have to let go of your fears, worries, and anxieties because they stand in the way of your creative flow. They prevent you from listening to your intuition and connecting with your inner wisdom. There is no powerful time than the present. Learn to be mindful of your sensations just as much as you are conscious of your thoughts.

I find myself often running to the next thing on my list. This is especially true when I have a looming deadline. However, if I find myself frantically losing my Sh*t, I go for walks. My walk took me past lots of graffiti yesterday and boy did I not only find inspiration but I was joyfully present in the moment.

What actions do you take to be in the present moment?