Louie Meager Art Gallery Reception -Ohlone College, Fremont, California

The “Bay Area Educator Invitational” art reception at the Louis Meager Art Gallery on the Ohlone College Campus in Fremont was great. There have been some crowded art receptions I have walked into wondering if I will ever find the curator. The director of the show Kenney Mencher was not only at the front door greeting guests but was wearing a name tag.

Overcoming Fustration: A Creative Exercise

Finding the right balance of confidence can be a challenge for most artists. It is through those times where frustration kicks in and your master piece is about to be thrown in the trash a creative epiphany can arise. This unique moment of self discovery becomes the welcomed friend to help you out of your mood.

I was once asked what keeps me motivated. Many thoughts flashed in and out of my consciousness. My first thought was to blurt out that this is my destiny. Although, I feel that way that really didn’t connect my painting to the viewer. Painting makes me feel whole and it is this constant internal dialogue to create that helps me strive.

The moment you feel like you want to give up on your work try the following exercise. I have shared this exercise with friends as well as students and I hope this helps you as it has helped them. The first thing you want to do if you find your self about to chuck your art in the trash is take a 5-10 minute break. This can entail reading a chapter in a book, cleaning your art supplies, paying your bills or just meditating. This technique of separation will help separate your self from those moments of negative thinking. After your stress level starts to decrease sit down and really look at what you are creating. I know you are probably saying to your self. “Yah, I was looking at it and it wasn’t working out.” Believe me I have had those moments as well. Leave your emotions towards your work in the past. Just sit and really look with a non objective eye and start to ask yourself the following questions. How dynamic is the composition? Is there a color that needs to be changed? How is the value? Is it all midtone can there be some more dark or light value added? Is there enough variety?

By just taking a few minutes to evaluate your work you will begin to change your creative energy to something positive. Remember not every piece of art is going to win an award and not everyone is going to be a great fan. You create for you and the rest of the world only gets to experience a little window into soul.