Shilo’s Working Journal


A Warm cup of coffee in my hand and my paint brushes are making me feel centered this morning. As I started to contemplate the color palette decisions of a couple of paintings I then started to reflect on my blog writing. Yes, I am a slacker and haven’t been on for about a week. Well, it at least I have been busy painting. The attached images are of two works in progress. I would probably estimate that these paintings are about 45% done and will probably need a couple of weeks of concentration to bring them to completion. Right now it is all about the layers.

The painting “Pigeon in the parking lot” is becoming one of the paintings I am super excited about. I seem to become transfix with urban birds. Their interactions are just so interesting to me. The painting “Two birds on a wire” is becoming another excitable moment for me today. This became intriguing for me because one of the birds turned around during my quick study sketch. I think it actually makes the composition so much more interesting seeing the tail of one bird and the head of the other. Both compositions were drawn at Fort Funston in SF. Let me know your thoughts and I will repost next week with another update on these two paintings. Thanks for reading. 

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