Studio Update

shilo ratner open studio snap shot
shilo ratner open studio snap shot

My open studios went extremely well this year. 20% of my art sales from this weekend were donated to the Huntington’s Society of America HDSA.

I did purchase a piece of my own from artist Hallie Strock this weekend to add to my collection and I look forward to heading out to Hunters Point this coming weekend to possibly add another piece to my collection.

In the Studio: I received a lot of wonderful feedback this weekend and feel extremely motivated to finish some of my oil paintings on panel. My deadline to finish 8-10 of the small paintings on panel is early January.  I am also in the process of working on much larger works on canvas with a target date of January – mid February. Then I will be on my regular schedule of finishing about 2-3new works a month. This relaxed schedule is what I foresee now but knowing the nature of this business, I will probably be finishing all of this work ahead of schedule.

My Monday painting class is tonight and I am so grateful to have such motivated students. I have to admit I am a little tired from such a fun weekend but their excitement for art and their creative energy will definitely help keep me upbeat. Tonight’s class exercise is abstracting a still life. This is such a fun exercise and I have a feeling there will be some really great studies created tonight.