New Representation with the Jen Tough Gallery

New Representation with the Jen Tough Gallery
Artist Shilo Ratner_Pockets Filled With Hope Gallery View
Pockets Filled with Hope available exclusively at Jen Tough Gallery

I’m thrilled to announce my newest representation with the Jenn Tough Gallery . Jen Tough Gallery was formed in the Bay Area early 2017 and is currently based in Santa Fe, NM. We’re known for thinking outside of the box with our San Francisco popups, art fair collectives and producing an all-female art fair called The Ladies Room.

Curators Choice :)

Curator’s Choice: Between the Night by Shilo Ratner

Curator's Choice: Between the Night by Shilo Ratner

It’s no secret that life in the 2020’s can feel… chaotic. That’s why we’ve selected Between the Night by Shilo Ratner for this month’s Curator’s Choice. An abstract geometric painting, it features panes of muted cool colors which are balanced by just a few pops of warm red, and seamlessly marries architectural elements with the vague familiarity of a landscape. Read on to learn more about the painting, and why we’ve chosen it as this month’s Curator’s Choice – particularly at a time when drowning out the hecticness of everyday life can feel borderline impossible.  

What It’s About

“I strive to visually depict consciousness through the spatial organization of architectural and natural landscapes alike, with particular attention to color as a foundation,” the artist, Shilo Ratner says. “While my work may easily be interpreted as geometric abstract landscapes, my hope is that the still intensity of my compositions will demand attention to a centered calmness within the chaos of our present day.”

Blue, teal, neutral grey and bright red shapes are layered over one another to create this abstract geometric piece. The painting’s layers are numerous and varied, but frozen nonetheless, playing to the artist’s goal of juxtaposing chaos and stillness in a single frame. 

Where It Works

At 48″ x 48″, this statement painting is ideal  as a center focus – on large, open walls, or above a sofa or mantle. The geometric style pairs perfectly with mid-century modern or contemporary furniture, while the rich palette adds vibrancy to light, neutral spaces. For those with a bold color scheme in their space, pair it with deep, cool-colored furniture to help draw out the beautiful blues of this painting. 

Why We Love It

First, we love that the palette is at once vibrant and balanced – the artist hasn’t shied away from taking risks with color, and to us, it totally works. But it is Between the Night’s particular use of line that we love so much. The planes of color are rendered in perspective, so that they recede into a fragmented horizon, giving the viewer a gravitational sense of an imaginary landscape. It is this visual depth where we find the tranquility that the artist has set out to create in a hectic, modern space. 

Check out this Painting!

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Put more love out into the world! Works on Paper

Put more love out into the world! Works on Paper

Sometimes the imperfect is perfect. I love the idea of using overlapping lines and forms while experimenting with mixed media materials. You may also notice that text is another element added to this artwork. I am a firm believer that the energy we put out in the world, we receive back. With that in mind, I am working on this series that uses vibrational / positive text. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we all put a little more love out into the world? Email me at for details.

  • Artist Shilo Ratner_(left to right) LV No. 3, LV no. 2, LV no. 1
  • Artist Shilo Ratner_LV no. 1
  • Artist Shilo Ratner_LV no. 2_Work on Paper
  • Artist Shilo Ratner_Lv no. 3_Mixed Media on Paper

Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow

There is something about the ever changing ocean that intrigues me enough to try and capture it with paint. Painting titled: “Ebb and Flow”, 36” x 48” sq, DM for details. Be kind, wear a mask 😷, stay safe my friends. 🌈

Artist Shilo Ratner, Ebb and Flow, 36 x 48", Acrylic on Canvas
Artist Shilo Ratner, Ebb and Flow, 36 x 48″, Acrylic on Canvas