San Francisco MOMA

I absolutely love the newly improved SF MOMA. It’s spacious and there is so much fabulous modern art to look at all in one location. Here a few snapshots of works that inspired me during my last visit (Joan Mitchell, Richard Diebenkorn, Hung Liu, Nathan Oliveira, and Njideka Akunyili Crosby). If you are San Francisco this museum should be on the top of your list


Museum visit: SFMOMA

Picasso, Scene de rue, SFMOMA, San Francisco, California
Picasso, Scene de rue, SFMOMA, San Francisco, California

It can be very easy for me  to get lost in the details of everyday life. So in order to ground myself I visit museums.  There is something rather magical that overtakes  me when I enter a museum. Today,  I experienced that feeling of magic when I went to visit  the permanent collection at the SFMOMA. I’m always drawn to the sheer size of the “Clifford Stills”, the expressiveness of ” Joan Mitchell” and the colors used by “Richard Diebenkorn”. I also can’t disregards the ingenuity of “Jim Campbell’s” work either.  

A painting, sculpture, or installation  I may have passed by without notice before calls out for my attention.  One painting today by Pablo Picasso “scene de rue” literally had me say “wow”. The dark value is balanced by the bright primary colors yellow and red. It’s genius!