Upcoming Project

Diaspora the Journey of Self

Well, you may have noticed I have posted a little less than usual the past month. I have been working on my first ever kickstarter project called Diaspora: the Journey of self: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1611700975/diaspora-the-journey-of-self .  This is an exciting project for me to undertake and I feel confident that it will get funded. I have even started a blog specifically for this project that will house the weekly time lapse videos showing how this project has evolved over the course of three months http://diasporathejourneyofself.wordpress.com/. This project will provide an interesting challenge for me because in addition to the work I am currently working on I will also be working on this project which will consist of 18-20 pieces. I have an initial game plan which will evolve as I start to adapt to a different style of time management. The challenges I will face during this project will offer me an opportunity for growth as an artist as well as personally.